Most of us wouldn’t think of smashing one of our prized guitars on stage – although that would no doubt make for a memorable moment at your next wedding gig. The intense antic of destroying guitars on stage has become almost synonymous with Rock n Roll. A Scandinavian engineering company called Sandvik claims to have built the world’s first indestructible guitar. To demonstrate this technical feat, they partnered with famous guitar virtuoso, Yngwie Malmsteen.

The guitar came to be through a collaborative project between Sandvik and famous guitar designer, Andy Holt of Drewman Guitars. The entire body of the guitar was 3D printed out of titanium, while the fretboard and neck were forged out of a solid block of recycled stainless steel.

Andy Holt can be quoted on the greatness of the guitar as he said, “We’ve had to innovate from the top down. There’s not a single part of this guitar that has been made before. It’s a piece of art.”

Usually the weakest spot of a guitar is the point where the neck meets the body. Sandvik overcame this by milling the main center of the body and the neck as one piece. The guitar after being built, was then put to the test at the hands of the Swedish neo-classical guitarist, Ygnwie Malmsteen who proceeded to smash it with everything he had; with 30 years of guitar-smashing experience under his belt. He commented, “I gave everything I had but it was impossible to smash. This guitar is a beast! Sandvik is obviously on top of their game. They put the work in, they do their hours, I can relate to that… The result is amazing.”

Sandvik boasts of their guitar’s durability by saying that you could use it as a hammer and you still wouldn’t budge a screw. Check out Yngwie’s video of smashing the guitar below: